CarlaCarla Barger lives an art-committed life and takes the question How shall I live? very seriously. She holds an MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is a PhD student and teaching assistant in the creative writing program at SUNY Binghamton. Her work has appeared in several literary journals, photography books, art gallery catalogs, and elsewhere.

Carla primarily writes poetry and hybrid lyric essays. Her work explores place, self-awareness, family and class dynamics, and the divided self. She also writes ekphrasis and sometimes collaborates with visual artists and other writers on various types of projects. Her research interests include class, the Gothic (Victorian, Southern, and Midwestern), and neo-Gothic film and television.

Carla is also a former freelance editor and academic administrator. To learn more about Carla’s career background, go here.  She currently splits her time between Binghamton, NY, and Oak Park, IL, with her talented art director wife and her little copper husky, Lucille Ball.