Tomorrow’s Tuesday. Go Hear Some Poetry.

Poet Carrie McGath is hosting the inaugural Poetry Salon at Uncharted Books tomorrow night, January 8, at 7pm. Adam Edelman is headlining and yours truly will be reading two brand spanking new pieces during the open mic.

Wine and poetry–what could possibly be better than that?! See you there!


Hey, go read my new poem!

Fun Punch is up over at the super fantastic online journal Anti-Heroin Chic. There are so many things I love about this journal, but the thing I love best is the editor’s gift for pairing an original image with each poem. The sum is greater, as they say. (Thanks, James.)

Spring is springing slowly but surely. Several projects are taking an equally plodding pace over here at Writing Headquarters. I carry on, though, as should you. Type on, my loves.