Two New Poems Out in the World November 1st!

Hey, hey! This fall is shaping up to be ok, despite all the HORRIBLE that sometimes seems to be closing in on every side. Covid is still with us, unfortunately, and still taking its toll. But the trees are beautiful and there seem to be adorable little deer everywhere! (Be careful on those country roads at night, folks.) AND November 1st you’ll be able to read two of my poems, “Ghost” and “Grown Wild,” in the fall issue of HeartWood Literary Magazine. These two poems were inspired by my grandmother and are therefore very near and dear to my squishy little heart. She was originally from Kentucky, so I’m glad these two pieces were picked up by a journal housed in a university in Appalachia.



New Poem at the Highland Park Muses’ Gallery “Trees” Exhibition

Are you familiar with Highland Park Poetry‘s Muses’ Gallery? No?! Well, friends, you have been missing out! The Muses’ Gallery is a revolving exhibition of ekphrastic poetry that are published on temporary signs installed near sculptures– or, in this case, trees–as well as on Highland Park Poetry’s virtual Muses’ Gallery. Roots will be available to read October 1 both online and on an actual tree (I LOVE it!) somewhere in Highland Park.

If anyone stumbles across Roots and its tree, do let me know the location!

New Poem

Fun Punch is up over at the super fantastic online journal Anti-Heroin Chic. There are so many things I love about this journal, but the thing I love best is the editor’s gift for pairing an original image with each poem. The sum is greater, as they say. (Thanks, James.)

Spring is springing slowly but surely. Several projects are taking an equally plodding pace over here at Writing Headquarters. I carry on, though, as should you. Type on, my loves.