Publications and Projects

Fun Punch, Anti-Heroin Chic
Wasteland (For Antonina Tumkovsky)The Light Ekphrastic
Missed, SPANK the CARP
Upon My 40th Spring, Green Hills Literary Lantern
Dear Little Me, decomP magazinE
Octobers, Ink: Art, Poetry, and Prose
Objet d’Art

Reviews, Criticism, Art Essays
ARTisSpectrum: The Chelsea Perspective Vol. 17 and Vol. 18
Miranda July Understand Me and You and Everyone We Know, F Newsmagazine
Mike Hoolboom’s Imitations of Life, F Newsmagazine
BLO Nightly News, Barbie Liberation Organization, F Newsmagazine
At the Video Databank: Hester Scheurwater Videoworks, Volume One, F Newsmagazine
Peter Greenaway in Conversation at the Chicago Humanities Festival, F Newsmagazine
Chicago International Film Festival: Bitter Dream and Apres Vous, F Newsmagazine
Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival: Robot Boy and Gay by Dawn, F Newsmagazine

Exhibitions and Readings
Lumbart, Reading, The Splat Flats
If the Shoe Fits…, Artists Book Exhibition, Betty Rhymer Gallery

Awards and Residencies
Wormfarm Institute Artist’s Residency
Ink: Art Poetry and Prose, Octobers, Jury Award Shortlist
Malcom Sedam Writing Award for Poetry